At Studio Inverse... as opposed to others studios:

  • the principal orientations of the studio- narration and mastering of avant-garde music- put it in a situation virtually independent of the caprices of the pop and marketing industries;

  • equipment turnover is only considered when a new product appears that offers real innovation; equipment is chosen not for its popularity, but for its intrinsic qualities and ability to work optimally with the other equipment in the studio;

  • the monitoring system- loudspeakers and calibrated room- is of a very rare openness... and so is the staff!

  • the attention of the sound engineer is focussed on improving the sound quality of the product, not on brainwashing the client.

The choices discussed above have not been made for the sake of some vain audio 'purism'. Realism is the keyword here: an intelligent balance between the necessary and attainable levels of refinement, optimal 'exportability' of the mix, etc.