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Price grid

narration / e-learning

yield / minutes:
results / Megs (mono tracks):
number of words:
number of narrators (max 4):
number of cues:


cost of narrator (min 4hr)
cost of recording (min 4hr)
cost of editing and processing
raw total
discount *
total price


recording hours @ $75/hr:
mixing hours @ $75/hr:
mastering hours @ $75/hr:
transfer hours @ $75/hr (free by ftp):
CD @ $5:
DAT @ $20:
1/4" tape (30 min reels) @ $35:
cassettes @ $5:

total price


yield / minutes:
number of sequenced instruments:
number of compositions:
number of live instruments:
number of sessions:

composition hours
mixing hours
recording hours

composition (min $200)
mixing (min $100)
musicians ($250 / session)
raw total
discount *
total price

cumulative total

cumulative total (narration/e-learning, recording and composition)

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* A 20% discount applies to any amount exceeding $2500, excluding musician and narrator fees.